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Supplier of premium quality hearing aids for hearing professionals

HEAR BOX is a London-based hearing aid semi-wholesaler, supplying hearing solutions of various brands and origins to hearing aid centers and hearing professionals in France, Belgium, Germany and England.

We understand the importance of clear and precise hearing in improving the quality of life of our clients. That’s why we strive to provide top quality hearing aids, tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

A commitment to quality, affordability and customer satisfaction

At HEAR BOX, our team of dedicated professionals is always ready to provide personalized service and expert advice. We are committed to building strong partnerships with our customers, offering ongoing support and technical assistance to ensure their long-term satisfaction.

With a wide range of hearing aids available, we offer our customers a diverse choice to suit their needs and budget. We work closely with our suppliers to negotiate competitive rates and favorable payment terms, ensuring affordable, high-quality hearing solutions.

Improving the hearing experience for all

At HEAR BOX, we believe that every individual deserves to live a fulfilling life without limitations.

Our vision is to make a positive difference in the lives of people with hearing loss. We believe in a holistic approach to hearing care, which combines cutting-edge technology with caring, human support.

Our main mission?

As a company focused on customer satisfaction, we are committed to providing exceptional service at every stage of our collaboration. We are committed to building lasting and trusting relationships with our clients, accompanying them on their hearing journey and providing them with ongoing support.

Our brands

Choose HEAR BOX as your hearing partner and benefit from reliable products, professional expertise and a commitment to your hearing well-being.

We’re here to help you rediscover the world of sound around you and live every moment of life to the fullest.

European market standards, NF EN 60118

Big brands

This list shows the suppliers who sell the most hearing aids in Europe. We also select suppliers based on negotiated agreements, product satisfaction surveys and production capacity (stock).

The Hearbox

Specialized suppliers, NF EN 60118 standards: this is a list of suppliers who provide a range of specialized equipment for very severe or very specific hearing deficiencies.

The devices offered by these suppliers can also meet the needs of a particular profile of people with hearing loss, such as children, infants or bedridden people, for example.


Asian market standards,
ISO 21388

The main suppliers: this list includes suppliers whose devices can be imported and listed (approved as medical devices) in the main countries of Europe and Africa.

These are also suppliers that we have identified due to their advantages over major European suppliers and their production capacity (stock).



Our advantages

Wide selection of brands
and origins

We offer you a wide choice of hearing aids from different renowned brands. You can find the solution that perfectly matches the needs of your customers.

Competitive rates and
favorable payment terms

Thanks to our close relationships with suppliers, we negotiate preferential rates for you. In addition, we offer you flexible payment terms to facilitate your transactions.

Personalized expertise
and advice

Our team of hearing professionals is here to provide expert advice and guide you in choosing the best hearing solutions for your clients. We are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Ongoing support and
technical assistance

We offer you full support throughout our partnership. Whether for technical questions, training or problems encountered, we are here to help you at any time.

Our terms

We offer a variety of business contracts tailored to your needs at HEAR BOX.

Each of our contracts is renegotiable quarterly and can be transferred in the event of a business combination.

Following a telephone interview with one of our sales representatives, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the opening of your account within our network. The procedure is quick and efficient!

We carefully analyze your documents to understand the structure of your business, then we organize a videoconference to better understand your specific needs.

Once your contract has been established, we send it to you by e-mail, along with access to our E-commerce platform reserved for professionals. You will be able to place all your orders with ease.

No need to organize many physical meetings with your suppliers to compare them and negotiate the best purchasing conditions. At HEAR BOX, we take care of this task for you.

By choosing HEAR BOX, you benefit from a complete POS (fictitious devices, leaflets, roll-ups, stickers, etc.) for each of your favorite suppliers, whatever the volume of your orders, from your first purchase.